Paypal scam email bitcoin

paypal scam email bitcoin

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Paypal Bitcoin Scam Email PDF Invoice, Explained (2024)
They're phishing scams. The MetaMask fake says your cryptocurrency wallet is blocked. And, if you don't act fast, click a link, and update. The email was not spoofed. It really was from PayPal. The invoice was the scam. Also spoofing an email address is really hard get pass Google. It states that the recipient has purchased USD worth of Bitcoin cryptocurrency (at USD/BTC exchange rate) via PayPal. The letter.
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If you click or call, the scammers will steal your financial or personal information, and that could lead to identity theft. Browse categories. I can understand how receiving this kind of notification can be a bit confusing. Don't call any phone numbers in the invoice note or open suspicious URLs. I have forwarded it to you per your instructions.