Coin Master – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Coin Master Guide

Coin Master – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Willing to be the top-notch gamer of Coin Master but tackling to issues? Well, thousands of other gamers facing same issues. Coin Master is a new title Facebook-based slot machine game with unique gameplay experience. The game seems to be easy but as you try to get inside and winning then you can face many issues. Everything become messy and the game seems to be complicated. Don’t worry because it happens with almost everyone. Developers offered various methods to earn currencies and everyone must focus on these to achieve victory.

Follow the Tutorials

The easiest method to earn coins and spins can be many and the tutorial can help in knowing about all methods. Never skip tutorial because it can provide the basic information of a game. Meanwhile, you can get to know about other factors by tweaks. These can provide the advanced tips for progression and expert gamers also suggest focusing on tutorial and tweaks. The next factor is slot machine because it offers the main part of your income. This machine is the heart of game running it well.

Slot Machine

The slot machine helps you know that what’s next to do. There are many tiles and lots of possibilities. Each icon has different meaning and these are as follow –

  • If you get a hammer that means you can attack on another village. Doing it successfully means you can earn lots of coins. In this time, users can attack on NPC village as well as on Friends’ village. Meanwhile, if your village is already attacked someone then you have to wait until the recovery is done.
  • Shield is second and helpful icon which appears often. It is able to protect your village from every kind of harm but it last long for a limited If your shield is active, attack on other’s village without worrying about a single thing like getting raided by others.
  • Pig icon is the most cherished among gamers because it has a unique You can raid over friends’ village and make them poor by getting all the coins. The amount you loot can be random but it is surely helpful to progress faster than friends. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about the revenge because no one will know about the loot.

Spins play the vital role for slot machine and it is called as the premium currency of the game. Try to collect a maximum number of spines to progress well. Various methods are offered by developers which can provide free currencies.

 Connect to Facebook

In order to have the complete fun, connecting to Facebook is important. It is lot more connected to social media and most of the benefits can be acquired from friends. Friends are allies as well as enemies. You can send gifts like coins and spines. Even inviting friends on the game will provide a huge number of currencies free of cost.  Keep sending daily gifts to get in returns. It won’t cost you single currency and it is going to provide free resources.

Never Miss Free Spins

The game offers 5 free spins daily and the other method is already mentioned above. If these methods aren’t helping them use Coin master hack because it can provide a huge number of coins and spins. The in-app purchases can offer quick progression but you have to spend money for it. Meanwhile, the generator is free and it has many features like anti-ban, and proxy. Just collect a maximum number of coins and spins to progress well. Upgrade your village and keep unlocking new villages to complete the game faster.

Hope you will like our guide about Coin Master game and would be able to boost your winning chances.

Coin Master Hack

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