Coin Master Hack

Coin Master Hack – Coins and Spins Cheats 2018

Coin Master is an addictive slot machine game, which is published by Moon Active and available for iOS and Android pocket platforms. The game provides a unique blend of slot machine feature with town-building elements. This combination with Coin Master Hack has never been introduced in any pocket games until now; thus, giving players an ultimate gaming experience.

Coin Master Hack

The gameplay of Coin Master is simple; you need to spin the slot machine and earn rewards, which can be used to upgrade your village. It is an extremely engrossing game that encourages you to spend long hours in playing the game. However, in order to beat other players you need to earn lots of Coins and Spins, which are the two vital currencies of the game and both can be generated with Coin Master hack 2018.


Coins are the main in-game currency, which are required in order for construct new buildings and upgrading the existing ones. You can earn Coins by playing slots. The amount of Coins that you earn will depend on the outcome of each Spin on the slot machine. If you acquire 3 Coin icons, or Coin pot icons on all 3 slots, then you will receive good amount of Coins or else you receive lesser Coins. You can also receive coins by using Coin Master Cheats.




They are the most important in-game currency as you need Spins in order to play slots, which is the main source of your income in the game. Five free Spins can be earned every hour or additional Spins can be bought from the game store by spending real world money or just by trying out Coin Master Hack. If all 3 slots successfully land on lightning icon, then you will be rewarded with 10 free Spins.

If you want to earn loads of Coins and Spins then you need to carefully follow the tips shared below. These tips are pretty simple to follow and the currencies you will earn will be good in numbers.

  • The best way to earn Coins and free Spins is by subscribing to the daily newsletter of the game, which can be done by sharing your email id. Once you have subscribed to the newsletter you will receive daily rewards, which will be in the form of Spins and Coins.
  • Your friends are your biggest allies when it comes to earning free Coins and Spins. You can send free Spins and Coins to your Facebook friends on daily basis. After receiving your gifts, your friends can gift you back. So, make sure you send free Coins and Spins to all your friends on daily basis. You can receive and send gifts to 100 Facebook friends.
  • More rewards are unlocked as you progress in the game, so try to spend your hard-earned Coins on constructing new buildings in order to unlock new villages.
  • Once you successfully upgrade your existing village, you will not only unlock new villages but also receive a free reward chest, which contains some amount of Coins or Spins and sometimes both.
  • You can also invite your Facebook friends to try out Coins Master Game by sending invites to them on regular basis. If any of your friends start playing the game then you receive 25 free Spins.
  • The easiest way to earn Spins and Coins is by watching ad-based videos whenever a Coin icon or lightning icon is visible on bottom right corner of the screen. By watching a video, you can either earn 15000 Coins or one free Spin. But even more easiest is to use Coin Master Hack.

If you follow the aforesaid tips on daily basis you will have a steady supply of both currencies. Plenty of currencies will make you progress swiftly in the game.

The Coin Master Game has become very popular among pocket gamers as it is fully-loaded with different features. Below mentioned are some of the important features of the game:

Freeware And Simple Graphics:

The game is introduced as a freeware on both the platforms. Moreover, the graphics of the game are also quite simple. These aspects denote that you do not need a high-end phone to play the game, and it can be played on low-end devices as well. Players having Android devices with 4.0.3 i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich whereas Apple users with devices iOS 6.0 or later can play the game effortlessly.

Innovative Concept:

On pocket platforms, you will find different slot machine games and various town-building games. However, there is no other online game that provides an experience of both in one game. The innovative gameplay of Coin Master has made it one of the most popular slot machine games of all times.

Social Network Login:

You can play the game as a guest, but your progress will not be saved. Also, each time you play the game, all your previous progress will be lost. The game also features a social network linking feature where you can link your Facebook account with the game. This feature provides some add-on benefits to the users, which includes 1 million Coins for village upgrade, 50 Free Spins, and an auto-save feature. The auto-save feature helps to automatically save the progress to your social networking account.

Multi-Platform Gaming:

If you want to play the same game on multiple devices then you can do that with Coin Master, as this game has a cross-platform gaming feature. This feature enables you to play the same game on multiple devices. However, all devices need to be connected to the same social networking account.

Slot Machine:

Similar to other slot machine games, you need to spin the machine in order to get rewards. There are different sorts of rewards that a player receives in the game. These include Coins, raid, shields, attacks, and cards. The rewards are increased when all three slots land on the same image on the slot machine.

Raids, Attacks, And Shields:

If three of your slots land on the pig figure then you can raid your Coin Master. The Raid feature gives you 3 shovels, which you can use to dig from four available sites. Among them, one of the sites does not contain any Coin while other three contains Coins. The attack feature allows you to attack randomly chosen player and receive boot on successful attacks. If the three slots land on shield then you will receive one free shield, which will protect you from one enemy attack. Our Coin Master Hack Cheats will help you out in Raids!

Village Upgrade:

The game currently features over 100 different villages, which players need to unlock as they progress in the game. The different villages consist of mythical locations such as Goblin Ghetto, Snow White, Egyptian Pyramids, etc. and some real-time locations such as Singapore, Romania, India, etc. You can unlock other villages when all the buildings of your current village are unlocked and fully upgraded.

Map And Leader Board:

The map feature allows you to navigate to different villages, which are already owned by you and also the ones that will be unlocked by reaching a certain level. The Leader Board feature shows your progress to your Facebook friends and across the globe.

Push Notifications And Village News:

If you do not want to miss any new updates related to the game then enable the push notification feature. This feature notifies about all updates related to the game. On the other hand, the village news feature provides details about friends who attacked or raided your village in order to earn loot.

Card Collection:

They are collectibles that are unlocked in the game after reaching Level 3. On leveling up in the game and sometimes by unlocking reward Chests, you will receive cards that can be collected and formed a collection. You can either choose to exchange your duplicate cards with your friends or you can exchange them for reward Chests during exchange events.

Auto Spin:

This feature saves you from the trouble of spinning the slots again and again. By activating this feature, the slots are automatically rolled. In order to activate, you have to press the spin button for a longer duration, and then just sit back and enjoy while the slots are automatically rolled.

To conclude, Coin Master is a wonderful online game that can keep you busy for several months. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. It can be enjoyed by all age groups, so enjoy Coin Master Hack and the Game!



Coin Master Hack